Microsoft Debuts Communications Hub for Nokia Phones

microsoft debuts communications hub for nokia phones communicator mobile

Back in August of last year, Microsoft and Nokia inked an alliance which has the Redmond software giant actually working on software that runs on Nokia’s Symbian mobile operating system…particularly to tie Symbian devices aimed at the enterprise market more tightly with Microsoft’s enterprise-oriented communications systems like Exchange and Outlook. Now that deal is seeing its first fruits: Microsoft has released Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia, which (initially) enables users of Nokia’s E72 and E52 handsets to have to single contacts dashboard which not only shows contacts’ availability for instant messaging, email, or live calls, but lets users initiate the most appropriate form of communication right from the contact card.

“Our alliance with Nokia aims to bring the Microsoft Office productivity experience to the millions of people using Nokia smartphones around the world,” said general manager for Microsoft’s office communications platform and solutions group Kirt Debique, in a statement. “With the arrival of Communicator Mobile for Nokia today, we have a great start to fulfilling our joint vision.”

The idea behind Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia is to improve Nokia devices’ access to email, contacts, and other personal information managed within organizations by Microsoft Exchange and ActiveSync. Using the Application, users can see their colleagues’ availability for everything from instant messaging to text to email to (gasp!) an actual phone call. Users can also update their own presence, join and start IM sessions, and launch calls directly from a contact card.

The English version of Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia is available now from Nokia’s Ovi Store. The companies eventually plan to deliver Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia as a pre-installed application on selected Nokia smartphones, as well as extend support to additional devices like the Nokia E5.