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Microsoft’s rumored Surface Mini turns up on Amazon, launch imminent?

microsofts rumored surface mini turns up on amazon microsoft listing

There’s been talk for some considerable time about Microsoft launching a small-size Surface slate to complement its larger offerings and attempt to exploit a sector of the market popular with consumers looking for something a bit more portable.

More recently, the chatter has become a little louder, and this week tech vendor Vostrostone may have pretty much given the game away after posting listings on Amazon for a “detachable Bluetooth keyboard stand case/cover” ($33) and an “ultra-thin smart cover case” (only $10!) designed specifically for the “Microsoft Surface Mini” tablet.

At the time of writing, the listings are still showing here and here.surface mini 1

Earlier talk about Microsoft possibly pushing out a smaller tablet had pointed to the computer giant prepping a 7-inch device, though more recently various sources have been suggesting that an 8-inch tablet, or something a little larger, is on the way.

In fact, the blurb accompanying the Vostrostone’s keyboard/cover Amazon listing all but confirms Microsoft has gone for the slightly larger 8-inch device, making it just a touch larger than Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad Mini though a little smaller than, say, LG’s 8.3-inch G Pad.

surface mini tablet 2Both of Vostrostone’s products are listed as being in stock from May 18, though are available now for pre-order. It’s been suggested Microsoft wants to launch the new tablet some time in Q2, with Windows 8.1 loaded, so the chances are its unveiling could take place anytime now.

As for the Mini’s specs, we’re none the wiser, though for more information on what could be in store, take a moment to check out our dedicated Surface Mini page here.

This latest news on the possible existence of a smaller Surface comes on the same day that Microsoft released financial figures for the three-month period ending March 31. Its accounts revealed sales of its existing Surface slates reached $500 million, down from the $893 million it reported for the previous (holiday) quarter though up by about 50 percent year-on-year.

[Akipekka via BGR]

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