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ModiFace can show you what you look like in 20 years

You can already get a virtual makeover with ModiFace, but now, the app is applying augmented reality for the sake of health, not just aesthetics. On Monday, the virtual makeover app announced a new suite of skin-focused medical AR technologies, developed in tandem with health care professionals. ModiFace hopes that its live, 3D visualizations will help users better understand and evaluate their skin health.

modiface medical

Instead of just seeing what you’ll look like with this shade of lipstick or that shade of eye shadow, ModiFace is now playing the role of a mobile dermatologist. New features include an anti-aging simulator, which enables real-time video to be modified. This particular capability is meant to simulate the reduction of nasolabial folds, sagging skin, wrinkles, and dry skin.

Conversely, there’s the new Skin Aging Analyzer, which provides real-time measurements, calculated 30 times per second, of the level of wrinkles, dark spots and skin roughness/texture. ModiFace’s Dermal Scope allows users to zoom into a region of the skin and measure the size of different moles or regions using a dynamic e-ruler, which represents the first technology capable of accurate physical size measurements using a mobile camera.

Finally, ModiFace is launching the Hemoglobin Visualizer, which simulates and amplifies the real-time color changes to the skin resulting from the change in oxygen levels in the blood. By making use of real-time data collected through an Apple Watch, these live simulations help consumers observe dynamic skin color changes.

“Extending our industry-leading facial analysis technology to the medical industry is a logical next step for ModiFace,” said Dr. Parham Aarabi, the company’s founder and CEO. “Our decades of experience analyzing skin provides a unique insight on how to effectively implement this technology. At the same time, the rigorous and detailed skin analysis will provide better insights into how to make skin healthier and rejuvenated.”

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