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Montblanc’s newest smartwatch has Wear OS 3 and costs nearly $1,300

German luxury brand Montblanc has added a new smartwatch to its portfolio, the Summit 3, targeted at a deep-pocket audience that can shell out $1,300 for one of its timepieces. But what’s truly remarkable about the smartwatch, aside from its eye-watering price tag, is that it runs Wear OS 3 — the latest (and inexplicably delayed) version of Google’s reworked smartwatch operating system.

Wear OS 3 was officially revealed over a year ago, but so far, it has remained exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and its pricier Classic sibling. The upcoming Pixel Watch will run the latest software update, and Google has confirmed that Wear OS 3 will also land on Fossil Group smartwatches such as the Fossil Gen 6, Michael Kors Gen 6, and Skagen Falster Gen 6. Wear OS 3 is also confirmed for the TicWatch Pro 3 and E3 from Mobvoi.

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But so far, none of the devices mentioned above have actually received Wear OS 3. That means the only option you have left is the Galaxy Watch 4 duo from Samsung. With Wear OS 3, Google offers refined shortcuts, deeper levels of customization, improved battery life, faster UI response, and improved versions of in-house apps like Maps, Google Play, Assistant, and YouTube Music.

What can $1,300 put on your wrist?

Coming back to Montblanc’s Wear OS 3-running Summit 3 smartwatch, it offers the usual set of health-centric tricks such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and the ability to measure blood oxygen saturation levels. Notably, the press release shared by Montblanc doesn’t reveal any specifics about screen size, resolution, battery capacity, and sensor details among crucial parameters.

However, the focus is clearly on the looks instead of the raw smartwatch tricks. To that end, Montblanc has designed custom watch faces for the Summit 3 smartwatch that reflect the company’s heritage in the segment. The smartwatch will be offered in a trio of trims.

Montblanc Summit 3 in black

First in line is a Titanium Gray model that comes with black calf leather and blue rubber straps. Then there’s the Titanium Black model that is paired with leather and rubber straps in the same color. Finally, the Titanium Bicolor variant can be styled with a Montblanc Extreme 3.0 British green calf leather strap or a black rubber strap.

Compared to its predecessors, the Summit 3 is said to offer longer battery life, a wider portfolio of software tricks courtesy of Wear OS 3, and a battery replacement perk offered by the brand. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear OS 4100+ chipset, the Summit 3 will be up for grabs this July from the company’s official website starting at $1,290.

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