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Polar’s newest smartwatch could be a Fitbit and Garmin killer

Two renders of the Polar Vantage V3 next to each other.
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The latest sports watch to hit the market, the Polar Vantage V3, is designed to cater to the needs of both athletes and everyday users. This new offering from Polar replaces the previous model, the Polar Vantage V2, released in 2020.

The market for fitness trackers and watches is a competitive one in 2023, but based on everything Polar has shared about the Vantage V3, we could be looking at a solid alternative to the likes of Fitbit and Garmin. Here’s what it’s packing.

One of the most promoted features of the Polar Vantage V3 is its advanced biosensing technology, called Polar Elixir. It provides many of the same features as other smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch Series 9. The watch has a fourth-generation optical heart rate (OHR) monitor that offers greater accuracy and a wrist ECG that measures electrical signals from your heart.

Other notable biosensing features include a SpO2 monitor that provides blood oxygen level measurements using pulse oximetry technology. There’s also a nightly skin temperature tool that measures your body’s temperature at night. These measurements allow the watch to provide advanced insights into sleep and well-being.

The Polar Vantage V3 also provides training, recovery, and sleep tracking. These features include signature Polar tools like Recovery Pro, Nightly Recharge, Sleep Plus Stages, and . Together, these features are designed to monitor your health and well-being over time and make suggestions to help you improve. The Vantage V3 has over 150 built-in sports profiles, making it a versatile sports watch suitable for various activities.

To track your progress, Polar Flow’s free app and website help you analyze various aspects of your physical activity, fitness, and health, set goals, and monitor daily progress. According to Polar CEO Sander Werring: “Athletic progress is defined by goals; setting them, working towards them, surpassing them, and setting the next ones. This requires a vast amount of personal insight only achievable through measuring and analyzing highly accurate data about your performance. This knowledge, paired with personalized guidance, is the ultimate key to progress.”

An athlete running up a hill wearing the Polar Vantage V3.

Many of these same features are found on other sports watches that were recently announced, including the Fitbit Charge 6 and the Garmin Forerunner 265.

The watch is equipped with advanced technology that enables you to get accurate location information even in challenging conditions, such as when you’re near tall buildings or in bad weather. With the help of the Vantage V3’s tools, you can be confident that you’ll always know your location, regardless of the conditions.

The Polar Vantage V3 also comes with turn-by-turn guidance from Komoot, which provides detailed directions to your destination, even in unfamiliar areas. The Vantage V3 can sync with its route planner to offer customized turn-by-turn guidance, making navigating your way around new places easy.

In addition to turn-by-turn guidance, the Polar Vantage V3 lets you download topographic maps, which are particularly useful for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, camping, or mountain biking. With its topographic maps, you can always stay on track and confidently explore new areas.

A swimmer on the side of water wearing a Polar Vantage V3.

The Vantage V3 is also equipped with advanced internal components that cater to the needs of every user. The watch boasts a long battery life, providing up to 53 hours of training time with each charge or up to eight days of display time. The power-saving mode can extend training time to 140 hours between charges. Other features include 32GB of storage (just like its predecessor), which you can use to store maps and other items, and USB-C charging.

Polar’s Vantage V3 smartwatch showcases a redesign, which, according to the company, combines sophistication with practicality. Its 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen extends to the edges, providing a wider display area than its predecessor while boasting 462 pixels per inch for an incredibly sharp and vivid display. With an aluminum bezel and sturdy buttons, the Vantage V3 is built to last. Notably, the watch now supports standard 22mm wristbands, eliminating the need for adapters and allowing you to customize your style to your heart’s content.

Starting today, October 11, you can preorder the Polar Vantage V3 at some select retailers. The watch comes in three colors: Night Black, Sky Blue, and Sunrise Apricot, and is priced at $599. You can also purchase a combined bundle of a Polar Vantage V3 and a Polar H10 heart rate monitor for $649. Shipping of orders will begin on October 25.

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