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Don’t want to plug your phone in? Just stick a Moos sticker on it instead

You can now pay with an iPhone sticker, so why not charge your phone with one too? If Moos ever makes it to market, you’ll be able to do just that, wirelessly charging your smartphone with a stylish sticker that looks more like a decorative backing than a juice pack. Heralded as the world’s “thinnest wireless charging sticker,” Moos is a removable adhesive containing QI wireless charging chips, which gives it the ability to recharge your phone without requiring a cable. Easily removable and available in a variety of patterns, Moos may be what’s been missing from your fast-paced life.

To be fair, Moos isn’t totally an all-in-one charger. You’ll still have to place your iPhone onto a QI charging dock, though the team promises that the sticker “works with QI wireless technology … even the latest Ikea wireless charging series.”

Currently, the team has three designs in play, but if they surpass its initial Indiegogo goal of $20,000, they hope to bring more options into play.

While Moos notes that there are a number of wireless charging cases already available, the vast majority of those in the market tend to be bulky cases, adding extra weight and girth to your otherwise sleek and slim iPhone. This sticker, however, is unique in its incognito design. Effectively unnoticeable, Moos will charge your phone while keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Currently, the Hong Kong based team is offering an Early Bird Moos Charging Set special for $29, which will include both a sticker and an eco-friendly cardboard charger (ostensibly a QI charging dock). Or if you already have one of these charging docks on hand, you can get the Moos sticker on its own for $15. The wireless charger is expected to retail for $25, so getting in early seems like quite the deal.

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