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Motorola’s new Smart Stylus, folio case bring new functionality to the Edge+

If you wished that the Motorola Edge+ was a bit more like the Samsung S22 Ultra, now it can be, as the Motorola Smart Stylus and folio case are now available from Verizon and for $80 in either black or white colors. The Smart Stylus greatly extends the capabilities of the phone for both creative endeavors and productivity.

The Smart Stylus is ideal for drawing and photo editing. If you snap a lot of shots on your phone and use editing software like Adobe Lightroom mobile, then having a highly accurate stylus is a big upgrade over just using your fingers to make fine adjustments.

Front view of the Motorola Edge+ in the folio case.

This accuracy also benefits notetaking in apps such as Moto Note, and it’s able to seamlessly convert handwriting into text as an alternative to using the onscreen keyboard. The stylus can also be used to move a cursor, scroll, and right/left click like a mouse.

Another way in which the Smart Stylus benefits creative tasks is in its integration with the phone’s camera. The button on the Smart Stylus can be used to control the camera. A single press takes a photo, or stops/starts video recording. A double press switches between front and back cameras.

Front side of the Edge+ folio case.

An important part of the Smart Stylus integration with the Edge+ is the folio case that comes bundled with the stylus. The Smart Stylus slides into the folio case both for storage, and to charge the stylus. The folio case offers protection for the Edge+ and features a transparent window over the screen that shows the time and notifications, and through which you can answer or decline calls without having to open the case.

I was a little harsh on the Edge+ back when I reviewed it, but I think if I had tested it with a stylus, my opinion might have been improved. It’s a great, if flawed phone, and the Smart Stylus adds a level of functionality that elevates it into a more versatile device. If you’re not ready to spend the cash on an Edge+ and Smart Stylus, I recommend checking out the budget-friendly Motorola G Stylus 5G, which we got our hands on to test out last month.

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