Navigon Reworks Budget GPS Navigators

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Navigon rounded out the budget end of its GPS line-up on Tuesday with the introduction of the 2100 max and 2120 max personal navigation devices. Both units offer the same standard features Navigon offered in the 2100, such as 3D Reality View, and tack on additional features.

The biggest change: the old 3.5-inch screen on the 2100 grows to 4.3 inches on the 2100 max and 2120 max. The new models also feature DirectHelp, which lets users pinpoint their locations and find nearby services such as hospitals, pharmacies and roadside assistance quickly.

Navigon will also launch its FreshMaps service in conjunction with the max models. For a one-time $79.99 fee, it will provide up to 12 map and point-of-interest updates for the devices every three years through a simple online download process.

Only map data differentiates the two new models from one another. The 2100 max offers maps of the continental U.S. alone, while the 2120 max also includes Canada. Both are available immediately. The 2100 max goes for $299 USD, while the $2120 is only available in Canada and sells for $329 CAD.