Netflix DVD now has a new app to help with your weekly binge session

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Remember when Netflix rented out DVDs to customers like a digital version of Blockbuster? Remember how that service … never actually went away? In the new year, Netflix is shedding new light on a very old service — Netflix DVD. Nearly two decades after launching its original rental platform, it has launched a new iOS app for users. While the URL may be different from that of Netflix’s, don’t be fooled — they’re sister sites. And now, they’re sister apps, too.

On New Years Day, the DVD specific branch of Netflix published a blog post debuting its app. “If your iPhone is close by, then so is your DVD queue,” it reads, “How many times have you watched a movie trailer and thought “ooh, I’ll just rent that one,” only to forget about it? Now, you can add it to your queue on the spot.”

The app, currently for iOS only, allows you to update your DVD queue on the go. You can rearrange titles, receive notifications about when your returned discs have been received, and when a new one is on the way. You can also easily search for movies, TV shows, actors and actresses, genres, and channels as you plan your weekend (or weekday, we won’t judge) binge. In fact, now boasts more than 93,000 titles, so whether you’re in the mood for comedy, espionage thrillers, or romance, there’s probably something for you.’s new app also comes with Netflix’s personalized recommendations feature, which of course, you can improve by rating your previously viewed films and shows. And if you want to share your experience with friends and family, the app’s share button lets you recommend your queue via text, email, or social media channels.

So if you’re already ready for a break this year, it may be time to settle down with a good DVD from your new favorite app.

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