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New report suggests Apple will launch augmented reality headset in 2020

Apple has been rumored to be working on an augmented reality (AR) headset for some time, and now fresh rumors suggest that the company could launch the headset relatively soon. According to a new report from Bloomberg that cites well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is targeting a 2020 release for the new device.

The report also sheds some light on what the headset might be capable of. According to the report, the headset will sync with your iPhone to deliver messages, mapping data, and even games straight to your eyes. Apple may also implement a dedicated App Store for the device, similar to the Apple Watch App Store that was launched this year as part of WatchOS 6.

The report is quick to highlight that Apple is still working on the device, and may end up pushing it to a later date if it decides that the headset isn’t ready in 2020. Apple reportedly has yet to figure out a use case that would really sell the device, and could end up pushing it to 2021.

Next year in general is likely to be a big one for Apple. Notably, the 2020 iPhone will likely come with a range of new features, as well as a design revamp, considering that the current iPhone design is currently on its third generation. Not only that, but the device may also offer an in-display fingerprint sensor, 5G support, and a faster processor. Apple may also launch new Macs that run on ARM processors, similar to those in the iPhone, and may bring sleep-tracking to the Apple Watch.

Augmented reality has been brought into mainstream use through mobile-based applications, but using it in actual headsets could revolutionize mobile technology. Many predict that over the next decade or so, smartphone technology will be implemented into augmented reality headsets, and that could cause the end of the smartphone altogether. Others suggest that, at least in the near term, AR headsets will likely be more like accessories, or an extension of the smartphone, similar to how the smartwatch is in most cases today.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly when, or if, Apple ends up releasing an AR headset, but if it does, it will likely help create an all-new category in popular tech.

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