New Nike FuelBand SE gets better movement and sleep tracking, but still no Android support

Nike FuelBand SE

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Nike has announced its second fitness tracking wristband, the FuelBand SE, an overhauled version of the popular FuelBand released last year. Visually, the FuelBand SE is very similar to the old version, but Nike has added some flashes of color on the inside component covers, on the clasp, and the Nike logo. There are three to choose from, Volt, Pink Foil, and Total Crimson – all made to match some of the company’s training shoes. Thankfully, if you don’t want it to standout so much, the standard black model remains.

While the external modifications are modest, the internal alterations are considerably more extensive. The band is now smarter, and can recognize individual exercises including rowing and cycling. This should prevent cheaters from boosting their Fuel with a few well-timed fist pumps. It’s more sensitive too, and can react to subtle movements used in slower by equally taxing exercise such as yoga. Sleep monitoring has also been added.

FuelBand SE ColorsThe FuelBand SE comes with Bluetooth 4.0, so it can stay connected to your phone all the time. A new iOS app shows your Fuel curve on the screen, and tracks your progress hourly, ensuring you stay motivated and on-track to beat your daily goal. If you’re using an iPhone 5S, this is enhanced by the M7 co-processor built into Apple’s new phone. Also, activities can now be logged as sessions, then photos and locations can be added, plus all this can be shared with groups of FuelBand users for a more social experience.

It’s a comprehensive update, but Nike hasn’t added Android support in the FuelBand SE, leaving anyone not using an iPhone with only the Web interface to track results, which involves removing the band, plugging it into your computer, and syncing it manually. Hardly in keeping with an otherwise user-friendly device.

You can pre-order the Nike FuelBand SE through Nike’s website today for $150, or £130 if you’re in the UK. If you order before the beginning of November, deliveries will take place on November 6.

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