Nokia outs a future Windows Phone in developer video


Nokia certainly isn’t the shy type. While most tech companies seem to be taking the Apple approach and locking up their phone designs, Nokia had no qualms unveiling its Lumia 800 months ahead of time (as the N9), and it looks like the Finnish phonemaker is going for round two. In a Nokia Developer video, an unnamed teal Windows Phone appears not once, but twice. While it could be a completely fake phone or a concept device, there is a good chance that it could also be one of the new Windows Phones Nokia just hinted about.

It’s almost impossible to say, but from the shape, this phone appears to have a slightly larger screen than the Lumia 800. Perhaps 4.0 or 4.3 inches? In any case, it looks good. We’re glad to see Nokia embracing some color, as no other phone maker seems to dare release anything that isn’t black, silver, or white. 

What do you think of this design? Is Nokia on the right track with these phones? LTE, dual-core, or quad-core specs would help sell us, but the designs seem great. 

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