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This startup wants to build the perfect smartphone, and it needs your help

OnePlus Pete Lau

There’s a new smartphone manufacturer in town, and its name is OnePlus. It’s the creation of former Oppo vice president, Pete Lau, who resigned from the company last month. In a Google+ post Lau calls the startup, “The realization of my long standing dream to create a global and innovative company.” 

So what’s the plan at OnePlus? Lau says he sees, “A lot of wannabes,” in the smartphone world, but few which make, “Truly outstanding products fit for the demanding customer.” OnePlus aims to change all this, and has set itself the lofty goal of, “Making the best possible product for users worldwide.” Nothing like starting off small.

However, while OnePlus has a plan, it wants to make sure your views on what makes a great smartphone matches up with its own. To do this, Lau has set up a forum where you can share your opinion. He says, “We’re going to spare no expense in our quest for the perfect smartphone,” and asks for opinions on AMOLED vs. IPS screens, different processors, battery life, and more besides.

There’s no doubt Lau is being ambitious with OnePlus, but at least he knows it. “It’s a hard road ahead,” he wrote in his introductory post, adding “There will be many difficulties to overcome.” OnePlus’ entry into the smartphone arena comes at an interesting time, as 2013 has proven to be a good one for smaller smartphone companies. However, for every Jolla, Yota and Kazam, there’s also an Ubuntu.

OnePlus’ vision is not dissimilar to what Canonical tried to achieve with its high-tech Ubuntu Edge project. Ultimately, the Edge failed to reach its crowd funding target, despite the amazing specs and ability to run both Ubuntu Mobile and Android.

We’ll have to wait and see which group OnePlus falls in to, but according to Lau we should, “Expect to hear great things,” from the new company over the coming year.

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