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Otterbox shows off new Agility series tablet cases, mounts, and folios at CE Week

You can use your tablet to do pretty much anything. It can accompany you to work, school, bed, or the kitchen. The tablet is extremely versatile, but the cases, folios, and other accessories many companies sell are one trick ponies more often than not. Now, Otterbox says it has come up with the perfect solution. Its new Agility series offers support for multiple tablet positions.

The Agility series is made up of several different modules that all work together as you use your iPad for different activities.

  • The Shell is the most essential piece of the Agility series. Its made of polycarbonate and attaches to your iPad magnetically. The Shell is durable and features shock absorption, so that you can drop your iPad without fear of destroying the device. Once you’ve snapped the shell onto your iPad, you can also attach a folio, which can also mount to a wall or connect to a dock.
  • The Folios protect your iPad’s screen from scratches. Just like most folio cases, this one will automatically wake your iPad or put it to sleep. This part comes in three different options, including a regular Folio, Portfolio, and the Deluxe Folio carrying case, which looks like a small messenger bag and comes with a strap.
  • The Wall Mount attaches to any wall with 3M Command Strips and then, you can magnetically attach the iPad’s shell piece to the mount. The Wall Mount is particularly useful for those of you who like to follow recipes on your iPad in the kitchen. 
  • The Dock can be set on any flat surface to position your iPad in an easy viewing mode. It provides a more study position for the iPad than a folio case.
  • The Power Dock doubles as a stand and charging station. You can plug the dock  into any outlet to charge your iPad using one of the three USB ports for your power cord. You can also use the remaining USB ports to charge two other devices.

Most of the modules fit together, but the common denominator is the shell. Once you have the shell, you can connect your iPad to the folio, wall mount, dock, or power dock easily. 

The series is available for the iPad Air, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini with retina display, Samsung Note 8, Samsung Note 10.1 (2014 Edition), and Samsung Tab 3 10. Otterbox showed of the iPad version at CE Week and said the Agility series will arrive in its online store and at Best Buy “soon.”

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