This is Peg, the organizer that’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you’re not using it already

Peg Board Kickstarter

One of the newest Kickstarter campaigns of interest to mobile fans is Peg, a cleverly designed organizer which, like all the best products of its type, makes you wonder why we aren’t all using one already. It’s shockingly simple, and completely customizable. Made from aluminum, the Peg is an upright board punched full of holes, into which small pegs are placed. Then, almost anything at all can be balanced or stored on it.

Well, we say anything, but due to the Peg’s size, you won’t be resting your new iPad Air or Nexus 10 against it. It’s best suited to smartphones and 7-inch tablets, or all those little, fiddly items which get lost down the back of the couch. You’ll also notice the cutout on the bottom right of the board, which keeps your charger cable safely in place.

Peg Board ColorsThe Peg comes in five colors, cyan, black, white, magenta, and yellow, making it easy to match it with your choice of iPhone 5C or colorful Lumia phone. The little pegs are made from grippy TPE plastic, and eight are supplied with each board. We think it looks excellent, and could imagine using it everyday.

So, if the Kickstarter page is anything to go by, do many others. Despite starting out at the beginning of the month, Peg has already met its $4,500 (Canadian) goal, with all the Early Bird Specials sold out. These will be sent out before the end of the year, while backers from this point on will have to wait until February next year for the Peg board to be delivered.

You can order your Peg for $22 (Canadian), which includes shipping anywhere in the world, an unusual but very welcome addition to the campaign. If you think eight pegs is too few, a bag of 10 extra ones is yours for another $5. You can take a look at the project here.