Periscope Folio Lights up Amazon’s Kindle

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Sony’s next-generation e-reader may have a backlight to ease those late-night Lord of the Rings sessions, but if you’re still stuck with Amazon’s original Kindle, you’re going to need some outside light. While your typical headlamp would do, the new Periscope Lighted Folio for Kindle has been more specifically designed for the task.

The Periscope takes the place of Amazon’s own Kindle portfolio and adds a retractable twin-LED lamp in the spine, throwing enough light on the Kindle’s e-ink display to read in the dark. There’s also a 5 x 8 inch notepad on the opposite cover, and built-in pen holders.

Like the Kindle, the Periscope folio runs on the pricier side, at $50. It’s available to pre-order immediately through Periscope’s Web site, but orders won’t ship until December.