Thanks to a hack, Pinterest was flooded with butt pics today

pinterest flooded butt pics today screen shot 2014 03 28 at 4 55 09 pm

Pinterest is never devoid of butt pics, but its rarely flooded with them. Multiple Pinterest accounts were hacked today, replacing people’s collections of wedding gown and cupcake photos with butt pics and weight loss ads.

In a statement sent to TechCrunch, a representative for Pinterest said: “Our systems were alerted to some incidents of spam yesterday evening. These reports did not come in at a large scale. We began working on cleaning up and placing the accounts in safe mode immediately. The accounts have since been secured. As a precaution, Pinners should use unique and strong passwords, and can get more information in our Help Center.”  

Pinterest has become a popular target for scammers, enough that the Better Business Bureau was compelled to send out a spam alert on what it calls “spam pins,” which direct people to sites selling counterfeit products or promoting work from home job opportunities. 

According to the BBB, scammers gain entry into user accounts by taking advantage of security holes in third-party applications that connect to Pinterest and inserting malicious code into the “Pin This” button on websites. Several users have reported being hacked from countries such as Argentina, Malaysia, Bolivia, Brazil, India, Iran, Indonesia, Morocco, Russia, and Vietnam.        

To prevent the takeover of butt pics on your boards, the BBB’s advice is to only log in through and the site’s official mobile app.