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Podo, the smartphone-controlled camera, is now available on

Podo - Everybody in
With the selfie stick facing bans in more and more public places, it’s possible that its days as a smartphone accessory could soon be over. At least, that what the folks behind Podo probably hope. After swiftly blasting through its $50,000 Kickstarter target, the creators of this small remote-controlled camera have now made Podo available to consumers across the country on 

Updated on 6/13/2016: Podo now available on

“We live in a connected world that communicates visually, yet what we capture is limited by the length of our arms,” said Podo President Eddie Lee. “Podo gives you more creative freedom than ever before and puts you back in control. Podo captures the moment, while you focus on living it.”

The diminutive device, which takes 8-megapixel images and 720p video, can be stuck onto almost any flat surface (ceilings included!) and used to send images to iOS and Android mobile devices via Bluetooth. Whether you’re looking to take a group selfie, a time lapse, or an aerial shot, Podo’s multi-functionality and portability make it a convenient tool to have at your disposal. And now, you can buy it for $99 on 

Podo’s dedicated smartphone app lets you see what it sees, so you can get in exactly the right spot before you tap the shutter button. Not enough light? Podo’s built-in ring flash will see to that, so long as you’re not too far away from it. Once you’ve got the shot, sharing it on popular social media sites takes just a few quick taps.

A cool design feature of Podo is its micro-suction pad, which lets you attach it to an array of surfaces. “We like to compare it to gecko feet, or else having thousands of microscopic suction cups,” the team says on its Kickstarter site. It also includes a rotating back flap so you can choose exactly the right angle for your shot.

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The device comes with 4GB of built-in memory and is housed in a casing designed to offer adequate protection against knocks and drops.

Recharging is done via a USB cable, and Podo’s light weight (just 1.8oz) and compact size means you can take it pretty much anywhere hassle free. The device is expected to retail for $99 when it becomes available later this year.

Of course, there won’t always be a place to put Podo, meaning there may be life in the ol’ selfie stick yet, but it’s easy to imagine this little gadget getting plenty of interest from smartphone owners who’d prefer not to be seen in public with an unwieldy retractable monopod in hand.

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