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Poros travel bags charge your gadgets on the go

The mobile connection to our personal and professional lives has become a matter of course. We work on the go, schedule dinners and hotels while in the air, and even track our water consumption online. A mobile phone or tablet’s capabilities are limited only by the imagination, but their usefulness is also limited by their power supply, and the more use we get out of them, the faster they die, with our stress levels going up as our battery indicators go down.

One company is out to solve that problem. Seattle-based Poros has designed stylish travel bags that can carry all your devices, while also keeping them charged.

Poros was founded by John Borofka, who comes to the table with an impressive resume. He was CFO of electric motorbike pioneers Zero Motorcycles for five years. At the time, John and his girlfriend were living far apart in California, and they would visit each other on alternating weekends. The routine gathering of cables and chargers required for these trips gave John an idea, and he founded Poros in late 2014. By January of this year, he was running the company full time.

We spoke with John about the idea behind his company’s product line. “Our favorite products delight us,” he said. “I want Poros to join that. Not just as a tech tool, but a useful, stylish and well-designed product.”


Poros currently offers three bags: the Cedar is all business; it’s a rich leather briefcase that can carry laptops, tablets and more in separated compartments. The Alder is a sleeker piece of luggage, and is constructed of durable ballistic nylon. For longer trips, the duffel-style Birch can carry a change of clothes and shoes while keeping you powered.

All three bags feature the same basic interface. Four LEDs indicate charge, and one button activates the power supply. They can be ordered with one of three connector types: Apple Lightning, Apple 30 Pin and Micro USB. They are assembled in the U.S. and are TSA approved for airline travel.

Poros bags feature a 10,000 mAh capacity, providing 4-6 full charges for mobile phones and two for tablets. Your Poros can eliminate the need to sit on the floor in the airport, or crawl around hotel rooms looking for an outlet. The bag can be fully charged in ten hours.

Poros’s powered carryalls can be ordered through their official website. Prices start at $200.

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