Signal USA’s RP One is an Xbox-style controller for iOS gamers

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For the most part, controllers for mobile devices have yet to impress, but perhaps its because they lack a familiar feel to them. Signal USA has introduced its RP One controller, an iOS-compatible stand alone Bluetooth controller with an Xbox-like design that will feel comfortable in the hands of gamers on the go.

Unlike some gamepads that have tried to also act cases or other accessories, the RP One is exactly what it looks like: A controller dedicated to gaming for iPhone and iPad owners. The full-scale gamepad consists of two analog sticks, a D-pad, four action buttons and two triggers. The design has clear influences from the Xbox 360 controller and gives mobile gamers a controller that looks and feels like the console controllers they are used to using.

It connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth and comes with a stand that can prop up the iPhone or iPad for better viewing. According to Signal USA, the battery life for the RP One should give users up to 10 hours of play time. Which games are compatible with the device? We don’t know yet, and that will have to be answered before we know just how much gaming can be done with the RP One.

The RP One is expected to be available during the first half of 2014. It’s suggested retail price is $99.99.