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Mum’s the word: Samsung tells workers to keep quiet about the Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung’s employees have now been ordered to stay quiet about the recent Galaxy Note 7 disaster — or else. According to the latest reports, the Korean company has issued a gag order of sorts, with the Korea Herald claiming that a “recent email sent to Samsung executives and employees … [urges] its executives and employees to tighten up security” when it comes to discussions about the spontaneously combusting smartphone.

“Leaks of operational secrets can cause irreversible ramifications, posing a great financial risk on the company, and leading to broken partnerships and loss of trust,” read an email that sources claim was sent to Samsung employees and executives. Consider that a serious warning.

Not only has Samsung’s brand and reputation come under serious fire as a result of the many fires caused by its highly anticipated (and now withdrawn) phone, but the financial impact of the Galaxy Note 7 disaster is expected to be significant as well. Billions of dollars in lost profits are now anticipated as a result of the two recalls and ultimate shuttering of the smartphone, and it looks as though Samsung is exercising extra caution as it moves forward.

According to the Korea Herald, “An official from one of Samsung’s parts suppliers said, on condition of anonymity, that Samsung which is well known for micromanaging its partnership deals with suppliers, is making more efforts than before to prevent any information leak on new handsets as well.” The official has noted that suppliers have been forbidden from speaking about the Galaxy S8, which now looks to be the only flagship phone the company is planning for 2017.

So while you’ll certainly be hearing a lot more about Samsung in the coming weeks and months as the Galaxy debacle continues to unfold, chances are you’ll be hearing very, very little from its employees.

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