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Samsung’s Galaxy AI is about to get a lot more useful

A Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus laying on concrete.
Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Not long after releasing it for a handful of flagship phones from 2023, Samsung has just announced a substantial update to its Galaxy AI platform. More specifically, a lot more people will soon be able to use Galaxy AI as Samsung is updating it to work with more languages and dialects.

At some point this spring, Galaxy AI will support Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian languages. Samsung’s also adding Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French dialects.

But that’s not at all! Samsung also confirms that Galaxy AI will support Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, traditional Chinese, and European Portuguese “later this year.” There’s no confirmed ETA for when in the year these additional languages will be added, but they’re all confirmed for sometime in 2024.

As a reminder, these new languages/dialects join the 13 languages that Galaxy AI already works with.  This may not matter to you if your language is already supported, but for folks who want to use Galaxy AI, but can’t due to language barriers, this is phenomenal news.

These new languages are yet another indication of Samsung’s desire to put Galaxy AI in front of as many people as possible. After debuting on the Galaxy S24 series at the beginning of the year, Samsung recently brought its AI features to several older devices — including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and the Tab S9 family. With this new language expansion, that mission is clearer than ever.

Samsung says you’ll be able to download the new Galaxy AI languages and dialects as part of a new language pack, which you can get for free via the Settings app. No official date is confirmed for the new languages/dialects coming in the spring, though we imagine they’ll be here sooner rather than later.

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