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Galaxy S20 Ultra owners report sudden crack in their phones’ camera bumps

A number of Galaxy S20 Ultra buyers have reported that the glass of their phones’ huge camera bump has cracked abruptly. While most owners have been left with hairline fractures in the rear covering, in a few cases, the glass has shattered leaving a severe bullet-like hole and exposing the fragile camera modules.

The reports emerged from a growing thread on Samsung’s public forum (via SamMobile) that suggests, for now, the issue affects only the highest-end model of the phone maker’s latest flagship series, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s worth noting that users who have faced this damage also claim they haven’t dropped their phones and the crack appeared out of nowhere when the device was, for instance, resting in their pockets or sitting on a bedside table.

Many of them also say they had their phones secured inside “Samsung approved” cases and covers.

“Both mine and my wife’s have cracked glass on the cameras. Neither of us have dropped or been rough with them. Both are in cases. Pretty sure both broke in pockets,” wrote one owner.

While Samsung hasn’t officially addressed the concern yet, a handful of “Product Experts” on the forum have recommended reaching out to customer support and booking an appointment — even though the majority of Samsung service centers are closed at the moment due to the coronavirus.

In addition, Samsung’s warranty doesn’t cover physical damage and it remains to be seen whether the company will make an exception for this issue, especially given the phone’s exorbitant $1400 price tag.

“We are sorry to hear about the crack on your camera lens. Unfortunately, Samsung Phone warranties do not cover cosmetic damage. If you are enrolled in Samsung Premium Care, you can set up a repair at an authorized Samsung Repair Center or Partners,” said a Samsung Product Expert in a response.

We’ve reached out to Samsung and will update the story once we hear back.

It’s unclear what’s causing the camera bump to crack. It could simply be a manufacturing defect affecting a limited number of devices. Alternatively, it’s also possible that since the camera bump is so large and protruding more than usual, it may be cracking under pressure or under a specific environment.

Since launch, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has been found to suffer a range of flaws. Some users have reported a green tint on their screens, a bug prevents the camera from auto-focusing properly, and more.

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