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5 fun features you’ll only find on the new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

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Have you just got your hands on the brand-new, and really quite large, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? If so, once you’ve stopped admiring those stunning looks, you’ll want to try out the cool features that are only available on Samsung’s latest big-screen wonder.

If you’ve not quite decided to pick one up, you can read our initial thoughts about the phone here. Oh, and if you’re in Europe, we promise not to mention the Galaxy Note 5. Well, more than once anyway.

Here’s everything you can do with those two nifty edges.


The People Edge, where your top five contacts are swiped in from the side, has a new feature on the Edge Plus called OnCircle. It adds a few new ways to get your friends’ attention, outside of sending a message, email, or making a call. When you tap a contact, the option to send a digital nudge, special hand-drawn patterns, photos from your gallery, or emoticons will show up.

It works both ways, and replies will show up in the notification menu. You’ll have to verify your telephone number before OnCircle works, and Samsung does warn that some networks may not activate the service. Still, it’s worth a try, and sounds like an answer to Apple’s Digital Touch system on the Apple Watch.

Apps Edge

The Edge panel is no longer restricted to only showing contacts. On the Edge Plus, a second swipe reveals a quick-access app tray. Drag from the edge of the screen to open the menu, swipe again, then tap the plus symbol to add an app.

While it may sound simple, this could be a real time saver, particularly because the Edge is usable from the lockscreen. Group together certain apps — social, messaging, or photographic, for example — for fast access.

Pick a side

Samsung’s added the ability to slide in the Edge screen from either side of the S6 Edge Plus, and the setting can be found under Settings, Edge Screen, Edge Position, Edge Screen Side. While you’re digging around the menu, you’ll find the option to move the silder handle around the screen, and chose whether it shows up on the home, lock, or both screens.

Video Collage

This is a cool camera feature that’s exclusive to the S6 Edge Plus, where four videos show up in a collage, all playing at the same time, but at different speeds. The effect is surprisingly fun. To use it, go to Mode when in the camera app, and select Video Collage. You get the choice to record consecutive videos, slow motion videos, or a collage to combine later. There’s the chance to edit the audio, slow motion sections, and add end tags afterward. Once you’re done, it’s ready to be shared.

Live Broadcast

Equipped with your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, there’s no need to turn to Periscope or Meerkat to live broadcast your antics to the world. Samsung struck a deal with YouTube, and built live streaming into the phone. You’ll need a Google account, and there’s the chance to only let people that are in your contacts list view your live stream, making it a more personal experience.

To get started, find the Mode setting in the camera app, and select Live Broadcast. Choose either a private or a public broadcast, and start recording.

Have fun trying out these features that aren’t available on the smaller S6 Edge, and enjoy the luxury of a much larger screen.

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