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Samsung Pay introduces Samsung Rewards to earn you points when spending

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It’s not just your credit cards that will reward you for your loyalty — now, your digital wallet will do the same. On Monday, Samsung Pay unveiled its new Samsung Rewards program, heralded as a “first-of-its-kind incentives system” for a mobile payment service. Now available to users in the U.S., Samsung Rewards allows you to earn points with every transaction conducted with Samsung Pay.

Much like other credit card points, your earnings from Samsung can eventually be redeemed for various prizes, like gift cards, Samsung products, or even money by way of prepaid Samsung Rewards Visa cards. And to help you level up, Samsung says that after a set number of monthly transaction, those enrolled in Samsung Rewards will reach more valuable status tiers, which will multiply the points you receive in a given month. And because everyone should feel good about themselves, users will all begin in the “Silver” tier. After just five transactions in a single month, you’ll be promoted to “Gold” status, and earn twice the points for every transaction.

If you’re a particularly dedicated Samsung Pay user and can hit 20 transactions a month, you’ll earn triple points, and at 30 transactions a month you move beyond precious metals and into primary colors with the Blue tier — there, you’ll earn quadruple points. And if that’s not incentive enough, Samsung Rewards will randomly select active users to receive an “Instant Win” prize, which makes its debut as a trip for two to Napa Valley. But don’t worry — if you don’t win this one, there will new prizes in the rotation as Samsung expands its program.

Currently, users can track points and rewards status, browse offers, and redeem their points in the Samsung Pay app. Moving forward, however, they’ll be able to do this through as well.

“Samsung Rewards represents Samsung Pay’s latest innovation to push the service beyond just credit or debit cards,” the company said in a statement. By providing “enhanced features and functions,” Samsung Pay is becoming your “holistic digital wallet.”

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