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Sensoria takes the wraps off new smart garments and redesigned fitness dashboard

Sensoria Fitness Running System
Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
Sensoria, the “smart garment” company behind step-tracking socks and connected sports bras, is launching a major redesign of its app and web services this week. At the IDTech Expo in Santa Clara, California, the company took the wraps off Sensoria Run and Sensoria Web Dashboard version 2.0.

The improved mobile app, which launched Wednesday in beta for iOS devices, includes new training plans and an improved version of Mara, Sensoria’s artificially intelligent fitness trainer. Previously, Mara’s guidance was restricted to workouts, but it is now far broader in scope. It will inform you when to exercise or rest during the week in order to achieve short-term and long-term activity goals, for instance, and monitor your progress over time.

“Sensoria’s new artificial intelligence powered app and dashboard measure real-time biomechanical data and help you understand yourself better, and in turn, improve,” CEO and co-founder of Sensoria Davide Vigano said in a statement. “This system is designed for runners and converts data into actionable information so you can now put all that valuable wisdom to work for you.”

Sensoria’s web enhancements are a bit more exhaustive. The web dashboard features what the company calls a “virtual shoe closet,” a unified panel of collated data from Sensoria’s Smart Socks that help you “better understand performance based on the athlete’s running shoes.” A new comparison tool taps a database of more than 8,000 models of running shoes to provide insight on your footgear’s metrics, including its odometer reading, impact score, cadence, and foot landing. You will receive an alert when it is time to upgrade your pair and if they happen to be of the minimalist variety, Sensoria’s Natural Running Transition training plan will suggest ways to minimize your risk of injury.

The dashboard’s been gamified, too. Now, when you reach certain activity thresholds, you will earn shareable badges that contribute toward an overall fitness score.

The updated platform complements the release of Sensoria’s new heart rate monitoring garments: a new medium support sports bra for women and a new short sleeve T-shirt for men. They are crafted from Emana yarn, a flavor of fabric that Sensoria said “improves skin elasticity” and “aid with muscle fatigue prevention.” Both pack a heart rate monitor that is capable of measuring both heart rate recovery, which assesses fitness level, and heart rate variability, which evaluates energy level. And they are compatible with Sensoria’s Bluetooth module, the new Sensoria Run app, and other fitness platforms from Garmin, Strava, and Endomondo.

The new Sensoria sports bra and T-shirt are available for pre-order for $100. They are also available as a bundle with the Smart Socks at $379 for both men and women as part of Sensoria’s Running System kit.

The new app comes with three months of free training plans.

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