Smartphone thief calls cops on victim as he chases her to get his phone back

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Some thieves just don’t know when to quit.

A Seattle smartphone thief and her accomplice stole a sleeping man’s smartphone while he was listening to music. Upon hearing the absence of music in his ears, the victim suddenly woke to find a woman and man lurking over him with his smartphone in hand. Naturally, the victim asked for his phone back, but instead of capitulating, the two thieves attacked the victim, kicking him in the head.

Covered in bruises and cuts, the victim continued following the thieves and demanded that they return his phone. Considering this harassment, the girl called the cops. Once the cops arrived on the scene, it became clear that may, just maybe, calling it in may not have been the best idea she’d ever had.

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The thieving pair claimed that they’d just been sitting next to the sleeping man on the bus, when he suddenly awoke and accused them of stealing his smartphone. The woman said he got violent and pursued them as they ran from the bus.

The victim and the evidence told an entirely different story. While the woman was regaling the cops with her riveting tale, the officers happened to notice a suspicious rectangular bulge in her pocket. Lo and behold, it was the victim’s smartphone and three grams of crack cocaine.

The cops booked the suspect, who is now under investigation for robbery and drug possession, reported Komo News. The victim finally got his phone back and had his injuries treated.

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