Sony CEO says Xperia Z is coming to the U.S. soon, leaks hint at T-Mobile

Sony Xperia ZCheck out our review of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone.

If you like the look of the Sony Xperia Z the only way to buy it at the moment – if you live in the U.S. at least – is to purchase a SIM-free version through Sony’s own web store, where it’s priced at $630, ready for you to go and find the best tariff deal you can with a compatible carrier. Up until now, Sony hasn’t struck any deals with a carrier to offer the phone with a contract, but according to Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, that’s about to change.

Speaking to AllThingsD during its D11 conference, Hirai said the Xperia Z is all set to go on sale with a U.S. carrier very soon, but sadly didn’t elaborate on which one and when. However, an FCC filing spotted at the beginning of May suggests the phone will be coming to T-Mobile, and best of all, it’ll be equipped with 4G and HSPA+ connectivity. As Hirai’s comments hint it’s only headed to a single network, it looks like this is it.

The Xperia Z was one of the first of the new wave 5-inch, 1080p smartphones to be announced, and while it has been on sale in Europe and other locations around the world for sometime – and doing very well, as it has been estimated 4.6 million have been sold, and Hirai confirmed it held the top spot in Japan for six straight weeks – it has taken its time to reach North America.

Sony sees the U.S. as a work in progress when it comes to its smartphones, and Hirai recognizes, “We still have a lot of stuff to do here in the market.” He said the company will start to market its products more heavily soon, which he hopes will help increase awareness. Perhaps partnering with T-Mobile, which has been doing a great job of promoting itself recently, is just the push the brand needs.