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The bidding is open for Steve Jobs’ bathrobe, bow ties, and other stuff

steve jobs auction apparel
Julien's Live
They probably already have one of the original computers, and possibly the business cards too, so surely next on the list for the most dedicated of Apple fanboys will be items from Steve Jobs’ very own wardrobe.

It’s true, the online bidding is open right now for a wide selection of clothing that once belonged to the late Apple co-founder.

They’ve turned up on auction site Julien’s Live, which goes with the tagline, “Auction house to the stars.”

You’ll find more than 30 Jobs-owned items on the site, including a “Ralph Lauren green tartan shirt,” his “Christian Dior brown terrycloth bathrobe,” and the leather jacket he wore in that famous 1983 photo of him flipping the bird at IBM. Someone, for your information, has already bid $4,000 for that.

The assortment of clothing has been put up for sale by the estate of Jane Fonda, according to TechCrunch, though it’s not clear how the actress came to be in possession of the collection.

The offerings also include a number of Versace button-up shirts, NeXT-branded T-shirts for the computer company Jobs founded in 1985, and a set of four bow ties (current bid $100).

It has to be said, when we first heard about the auction, we thought it’d consist of pages and pages of black turtlenecks, blue jeans, and white sneakers, but such items are in fact noticeable by their absence. Perhaps Fonda wanted to keep hold of those.

Oh, and it’s not just apparel that’s available. Rummage around a bit and you’ll also come across a bunch of Steve Jobs’ keys (presumably none of them fit the front door of 1 Infinite Loop), his portable Sony CD player (possibly “hardly used” if bought shortly before the first iPod launched), and a Seiko watch (it’s a smart watch but not a smartwatch; those weren’t out then).

So if you fancy one of Jobs’ shirts, neckties, or even that terrycloth bathrobe, you’d better hit the auction site and get your bid in pronto.

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