Swipe left on your unwanted emails with Unroll.Me

If “Inbox 0” is a magical, mythical land you’ve only ever dreamed of but have never experienced firsthand, we may have some intel on how to achieve the seemingly impossible. Say hello to Unroll.Me and bid adieu to all your annoying email subscriptions — you know, the ones you signed up for when you thought you wanted a free t-shirt, only to find that your inbox was soon inundated by unwanted messages. But now, with Unroll.Me and its Tinder-esque interface, you can “unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe,” because honestly, who has time to click “unsubscribe” on dozens of different messages?

While Unroll.Me has a web version, the real coup d’etat for those pesky subscription emails comes in the form of its iOS app. When you log into your email through Unroll.Me, you’ll be shown all the newsletters you subscribe to in card form. Then, you can simply swipe left on the ones you never want to see again, and the app will take care of the actual unsubscribing process, saving you precious seconds that really do add up if you’ve subscribed to as many useless emails as I have.

Better yet, “After unsubscribing from what you don’t want,” the app’s website reads, “combine what you love into a beautiful digest called the Rollup” by swiping up. This will allow you keep track of all the information you do want to stay on top of whenever there are a series of new releases. And if there are other emails you’re partial to but don’t want included in the Rollup, just swipe right (for a “regular like” instead of a “super like,” in keeping with the Tinder analogy).

Users have noted that Unroll.Me works best for longterm maintenance of your inbox, allowing you to sift through your regular correspondences in a more organized fashion. But of course, it also works as a quick and efficient way to rid yourself of the annoying one-offs that you don’t want to deal with.

You can download the app for iOS here, or visit its Product Hunt page.