T-Mobile gives unlimited data to T-Mobile customers who refer Sprint customers


When T-Mobile CEO John Legere exclaimed that T-Mobile would surpass Sprint in prepaid and postpaid customers, we saw it as somewhat of a bold, reasonable assertion. It seems like T-Mobile isn’t joking around with that statement, since the wireless carrier is offering current customers a year of unlimited LTE for free.

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The promotion, which is primarily aimed at Sprint but also applies to Verizon and AT&T, offers T-Mobile customers on its Simple Choice plans free extra data if they manage to coax anyone to leave either of the three aforementioned wireless carriers. In addition, the person who leaves the other carrier for T-Mobile also gets a full year of unlimited LTE for free. If the T-Mobile customer already has unlimited LTE, they will receive $10 credit each month for one year.

This comes in the heels of Sprint’s new Framily plan, which T-Mobile chief marketing officer Mike Sievert took some time to bash.

“When we saw how Sprint’s dissing its own customers and dropping unlimited LTE plans for families, we knew we had an opportunity to help these people out,” said Sievert. “Only a ‘carrier’ would be arrogant enough to make an offer limited only to new prospects, while forgetting their existing customers. The Uncarrier way is to give the best offers to your loyal customers — and that’s what we’re doing again today.”

Legere also took some time to knock his competitors and to play up the new promotion. “It continues to amaze me to see the old carriers failing to listen to their customers — or reward them for their loyalty,” said Legere. “That arrogance and indifference has defined the U.S. wireless industry for too long. We’re changing all that. In fact, this entire Uncarrier consumer movement is built on the simply act of listening to customers.”

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