T-Mobile Goes with Yahoo for Mobile Search

Internet giant Yahoo might be facing some tough times, what with losing it’s Google search advertising deal, searching for a new CEO and watching its share price plummet. But T-Mobile is expressing continued confidence in the company, announcing that Yahoo oneSearch will be the default search for its new web2go service. Yahoo will also push sponsored search results and (in some instances) mobile search advertising to web2go. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

T-Mobile’s new web2go aims to make it easier to use the Web across a wide range of devices from basic phones to smartphones, offering a customizable home page and a streamlined download and shopping environment. The service is free to T-Mobile users with compatible phones (and that includes models from RIM as well as many new T-Mobile phones from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson).

“With our innovative products and global partnerships we are a leader in mobile search and are incredibly excited to bring Yahoo oneSearch to more and more users every day,” said Yahoo’s senior VP for Connected Life David Ko, in a statement. “Together, T-Mobile and Yahoo are providing users with compelling mobile services, while creating unique opportunities for advertisers to reach the rapidly growing audience of mobile consumers.”

Yahoo also has a search deal with AT&T; combined, the two arrangements put Yahoo in front of over 100 million mobile users in the United States.

The deal is an expansion of a partnership Yahoo made with T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telecom earlier this year to offer search and mobile advertising in 10 European countries.