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T-Mobile’s so confident in its network, iPhone 6S buyers get a lifetime coverage guarantee

T-Mobile CEO @JohnLegere | iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus Vlog
T-Mobile wants to be the network through which you buy your next iPhone, and it’s so confident you won’t be disappointed in its network coverage, that chief executive officer John Legere has gone on camera to offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

In the first month of the guarantee, if you aren’t completely happy with the coverage, T-Mobile will refund everything you paid in that month. After this period, T-Mobile will unlock the device for free and refund a full month of service.

Customers need only buy an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus on T-Mobile’s Jump On Demand contracts to be entitled to the lifetime coverage guarantee. It’s not a bad deal either. You’ll have to sign a contract, but it includes up to three mobile upgrades per year. At the end of the mandatory 18-month period, you can make a final payment to own the device, or send the device back.

Legere mentioned the lifetime coverage guarantee is the successor to ‘Test Drive’, a previous, similar service that let customers spend a week with a T-Mobile smartphone to try the service out, before deciding whether to send it back or enter into a contract.

In addition to the coverage guarantee, T-Mobile’s set up a very competitive offer to buy the new iPhone. For a limited time, the iPhone 6S will cost only $20 per month on a Jump On demand contract, while the iPhone 6S Plus will cost $24 per month — both with zero down payments. It is an introductory price, so you’ll have to be quick. T-Mobile pre-orders for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus start at midnight on September 12.

John Legere went into a little rant before talking about the lifetime guarantee, to assure customers that the T-Mobile network is highly capable. He told customers not to believe the lies other carriers are “spending billions” to perpetuate.

The lifetime guarantee is proof enough that Legere believes T-Mobile’s network can hold up. With major spending on spectrum, Extended Range LTE, and double the LTE coverage it had last year; it seems likely even older, disappointed customers may be happier with the service today.

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