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You can now binge on porn with T-Mobile’s MiKandi partnership

CEO @JohnLegere announces #BingeOn expansion!
Remember when T-Mobile said you could binge on anything with its unlimited streaming service, Binge On? It really meant it. In a move that is ballsy even for a company known for its no-holds-barred approach, T-Mobile has now added MiKandi to its list of Binge On providers, which means that you can now stream unlimited amounts of porn. Do with that information what you will.

In a rather NSFW blog post published Thursday, the adult video site announced, “MiKandi Theater subscribers on T-Mobile can enjoy free unlimited streaming of their favorite adult videos without burning through their high-speed data.”

As far as porn sites go, MiKandi is certainly a pretty tech-forward one. After all, this is the site that has created the world’s first (and biggest) adult app store, which of course included a pornographic app for Google Glass. And now, the firm’s latest foray into the tech industry is with none other than the Un-carrier — in MiKandi’s own words, “We’re all about pushing technology forward the most fun way we know — with naked people.”

“When mainstream tech companies announce new platforms it tends to be another way to censor your online experience. This was not the case with T-Mobile’s Binge On,” MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams said in a statement. “As the first adult company to join the program, we were openly embraced and supported by their integration team, which makes them light years ahead of most tech giants in acknowledging what their customers really want. T-Mobile is treating adults like adults and we hope that other tech companies follow in their footsteps.”

MiKandi isn’t the only service joining Binge On — in a video announcement, T-Mobile CEO John Legere also welcomed YouTube as an official partner, saying “Early on, when YouTube expressed some initial concerns about the program, we invited them to sit down and figure this out together. They did, and today they’re in. We listened and made some changes, worked out some very cool creative solutions, and YouTube joined Binge On.”

So watch anything you want whenever you want, T-Mobile subscribers. Truly, the whole world of video has become your oyster.

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