Tapwave Zodiac 1 Review

Quote from the review:

“Many people came up to me and questioned the unit’s appearance. Some mistakenly thought it was a Gameboy and not a PDA. Who can blame them? The Zodiac looks like a portable gaming device and comes with a built in joystick with 360 degree capability. The joystick will be very useful in games such as Tony Hawk where learning the tricks of the trade and being able to manuever stunts will give you the edge. That’s not the only surprise that you’ll see when you a take a closer glance at the unit. It also includes four action buttons as well as two trigger buttons. According to Tapwave, ” The Zodiac’s 3.8 inch 16 bit display provides 4x the resolution of Nokia N-Gage and Nintendo GameBoy Advance.” You won’t see these types of graphics on your Gameboy anytime soon!”

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