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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus screen protectors

A screen protector is a simple accessory that can prevent damage to your smartphone screen, protecting it from scratches, dirt, fingerprints, and humidity .

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, we recommend using a screen protector to protect the edge-to-edge display. You can choose between film and tempered glass screen protectors, but it’s worth noting that some of the glass protectors can affect the S20 Plus ultrasonic fingerprint sensor — something to bear in mind if you use it regularly.

We’ve rounded up some of the very best screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus available right now.

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector

This phone offers the best protection available for curved screens and edge-to-edge coverage with a clear view, without glare or rainbow effects.

The Spigen NeoFlex’s self-healing technology discourages scratches and fingerprints. The case-friendly Spigen is easy to install with a bubble-free application and one-stop wet installation.

Zagg InvisibleShield Ultra Clear Plus

Zagg InvisibleShield Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

This may be a bit more expensive than most screen protectors, but isn’t your new Samsung S20 Plus worth it? The Zagg provides a glass-like surface with a glossy finish that rivals your phone’s screen. Its military-grade components offer high-end protection from impact.

Even better, the Zagg InvisibleShield’sscreen features self-healing nano-memory technology complete with smart molecules to “heal” minor scratches and dings. It features advanced clarity in a glass-like surface for a clear view from any angle. The EZ Apply tabs let you easily and properly place the shield.

ESR Screen Protector

ESR Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

It is designed to protect the entire screen of your Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, featuring rounded edges for comfortable handling. The tempered glass shield can withstand up to 11 pounds of pressure, while the oil-repellent coating lets you easily wipe off fingerprints and grime.

The package includes a cleaning kit and installation frame. Note that the ESR Screen Protector not compatible with the S20 Plus ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor.

Tamoria Glass Screen Protector

Tamoria Galaxy S20 Plus Glass Screen Protector

The Tamoria, a 0.2mm ultra-thin 3D tempered glass screen protector, offers 3D full coverage that will not interfere with your phone’s touch response, as the screen protector is compatible with the phone’s fingerprint sensor.

It features tempered glass-based anti-scratch, bubble-free, yellow-resistant coverage. It does that all without sacrificing clarity, and offers a high-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating to guard against sweat and fingerprint oil residue. The Tamoria Glass Screen Protector is also case-friendly and easy to install.

Sintia Screen Protector

Sintia screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

The Sintia’s design will match precisely to the contouring of your Galaxy S20 Plus with its scratch-resistant ultra-clear TPU material that protects your phone from sharp object damage in your purse or pocket. It is super clear, touch-sensitive, and just 0.2mm thick to maintain a natural touch experience.

Laser-cut dimensions provide maximum protection for the screen. The Sintia Screen Protector also features easy installation with a self-adhesive design with no bubbles.

Caseology Film Screen Protector

Caseology screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Caseology’s screen film protector comes packaged with a spray bottle to help with installation, a cleaning cloth, several dust stickers, and two films. Designers created the screen’s self-healing technology to resist scratches and self-correct if scratches or fingerprints are left behind. 

Application is fairly straightforward; The screen is applied through a wet installation process. This specific form of application aims to ensure you won’t have trouble with any bubbles once the protector is on. If you prefer a bit of guidance, check out the Caseology video installation guide for a detailed tutorial.

amFilm Ultra Glass Screen Protector

amFilm Ultra Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

This screen protector is an ultra-durable option for customers. Its glass finish is entirely transparent, scratch-resistant, and features zero dot-matrix. 

The amFilm Ultra Glass Screen Protector has rounded edges, which helps it fit within most cases. It also supports an S20 fingerprint sensor, which helps it stand out from the competition. The protector arrives in a two-pack, along with all the tools you need for a smooth, dust-free installation—like cleansing wipes, microfiber cloth, lint-removal stickers, adhesive, and a UV light device to cure the adhesive. That may sound like a lot of items to juggle; Fortunately, the kit also comes with an installation manual so you can be sure everything will fit correctly and smoothly the first time.

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