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Timehop now lets you peruse your past photos on Dropbox


It used to be that, whenever you were feeling a little nostalgic and wanted to relive that milestone birthday party, or your teary-eyed wedding day, you had to pull out a dusty old photo album, or dig through a pile of VHS recordings.

Nowadays, to re-experience those old memories, it only takes us a couple of clicks, especially with programs like Timehop, which has helped to organize and catalog everything to make it that much easier for us to access. According to The Next Web, Dropbox is being added to the list of companies the virtual time machine connects with.

For those that are unfamiliar with Timehop, it’s an iOS app that connects with your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Flicker, and now, Dropbox, accounts and, each day, you’ll receive an alert with a selection of your photos that were taken on that same date in the past.

So now, for those of you that tend not to use those other platforms, but rather just store them in the Dropbox cloud, you can also take advantage of this virtual trip down memory lane. And if there are some photos that you’d rather not be reminded of (or maybe just don’t want automatically popping up in mixed company), fret not: only photos from the folders of your choosing will be used. (But we suggest that, if you do have photos that are for your eyes only, you maybe want to consider, y’know, not uploading them anywhere, even a private cloud service.)

And don’t worry if you’ve also backed up non-photo docs to your Dropbox and mixed them in the same folder as images. The program is smart enough to filter those out, so you won’t be greeted by that PowerPoint presentation you decided to hold on to for whatever reason.

The free app is currently only available on iOS devices; no word yet on whether it will hit other platforms in the future. But if you’re a non-iOS user and still really wanna check it out, you can opt for the daily email option Timehop offers.

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