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Timex’s cool Space Invaders watch is dripping with nostalgia

The Timex T80 is one of the most iconic digital watch designs from the 1980s, and therefore already a nostalgic piece, but for its latest special edition Timex is doubling that nostalgia by celebrating one of the most iconic classic video games of all time: Space Invaders.

Built around the popular, and undeniably retro-tastic T80 platform, this small, slim digital watch has been given the full Space Invaders treatment, from the packaging down to the sound the alarm makes when it goes off. If you’re not familiar with the T80, it’s about as modestly sized as watches get. The case measures just 34mm and 10mm thick, so it never troubles the cuff of your shirt, or gets caught up on your jacket or sweater.

Timex X Space Invaders T80.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The familiar Space Invaders aliens feature on the top of the bezel, with the tank at the bottom, along with the game’s logo. The red characters against a black background make the design stand out, and when you flip the watch over there’s a Space Invaders engraving on the case back. The watch arrives in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging in a similar color scheme.

The @timex T80 X Space Invaders watch has, unsurprisingly, an alarm that plays Space Invaders sound effects 👾🔊

— Andy Boxall (@AndyBoxall) February 11, 2022

Set the alarm, or hold down the button on the top right of the case, and you’re rewarded with sounds from the game. The suitably retro sound effects are good, but can’t quite match the brilliance of Timex’s Pac-Man special edition watch, which perfectly recreated the game’s theme. Still, there’s no mistaking the T80 Space Invaders watch for anything else, and if you’re a fan of the game it certainly hits all the right marks to make it a fun collector’s piece.

What if you want to wear it, and not just display it? It’s very light at around 55 grams, and the metal strap is quickly and simply adjusted for size. I think it looks great on the wrist. The compact size means it doesn’t really make a big statement, and the Space Invaders branding isn’t too obvious until you look closely. It’s fun, but is also cool enough to be worn most of the time, and with just about anything. However, the metal strap does have a painful habit of pulling the hair on your arm.

This isn’t a smartwatch so don’t expect Bluetooth or any flashy features. You get a chronograph, a daily alarm, and a day/date display. The best additional feature is Timex’s excellent Indiglo backlight, which bathes the entire display in a blue light, so it’s easy to read even in total darkness. The watch should be moderately durable, as the case is made from brass and the digital screen is set under an acrylic crystal, plus it’s water-resistant to 30 meters.

How much are you going to have to pay for Timex’s Space Invaders watch? It’s a very reasonable $89, or 85 British pounds, and can be purchased through Timex’s online store. In addition to the silver-tone version seen in our photos, Timex makes the watch in gold and a stealthy black too. This is a small price to pay for a fun, good-looking, and surprisingly wearable watch, especially when the nostalgia factor is upped with a well-judged video game partnership.

Now Timex has added Space Invaders to the list of special editions since reissuing the T80, joining Pac-Man and Coca-Cola, we’re keen to see what it does next with this classic watch from the 1980s.

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