As it turned out, “the majority in every country matched with Clinton.” That said, in Russia, 71 percent of Tinder users said they would vote for Donald Trump, even though 76 percent of them matched with Clinton’s views on the issues. In the U.S., 57 percent of users matched with Clinton on issues, whereas 43 percent matched with Trump. A slight majority (53 percent) said they planned on voting for Clinton.Globally, however, Clinton had a much wider margin of victory, with 80 percent of users matching with her based on the issues and 73 percent saying they would vote for the first female president in the U.S.”The Swipe the Vote poll will be live on Tinder through [Tuesday]. So if you haven’t weighed in, don’t forget to tap on the ‘Swipe the Vote’ card and participate,” Tinder noted on its blog post. “And if you’re in the U.S., be sure to locate your nearest polling location once you match with your candidate by tapping ‘Go Vote.’”Article published in October 2016. Updated on 11-01-2016 by Lulu Chang: Results from Swipe the Vote show Hillary Clinton as its winner.