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Five phones with unlimited everything for $160 a month? Businesses sign up

tmobile lg one all in lystylo
T-Mobile is looking to grab some extra business business this side of Christmas, with the launch of its new @Work All-In bundle, which looks to offer a package deal for small business customers and their employees. It provides five devices and five lines for just $160 a month.

Citing savings as high as $1,200 on devices, T-Mobile’s new scheme doesn’t have a lot of flexibility, but it does offer good value. The devices it offers are LG Stylo 2 smartphones, which are fully paid off after 24 months of the contract. The package includes monthly charges, as well as giving all users on the bundle unlimited texts, talk time, and high-speed, 4G LTE data.

This deal represents a different focus for T-Mobile, which has previously provided similar bundles for larger firms. Those corporate deals, however, are unlikely to be of use to smaller businesses, which is where it believes this latest deal will have the most impact. By offering a smaller package of smartphones and texts/minutes/data, it hopes to have a deal that is much more in line with what small enterprises can benefit from.

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Despite the smaller focus though, the @Work All-In bundle does still offer the same T-Mobile One unlimited options, so there is no need for micro-managing at an executive level. Administrators can simply take out the bundle and know that up to five employees will be catered to.

The only caveat is that T-Mobile does suggest that the biggest data users — those downloading over 28GB per month — may see some throttling in cases of high demand, until their next bill cycle.

If you’re interested in taking out the @Work All-In bundle yourself, you can get in touch with T-Mobile directly, or visit one of its many stores nationwide. This deal joins a number of other business-focused offers T-Mobile has, including discounted tablets, Apple devices, and conferencing hardware.

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