U.S. will spend $5 billion on mobile advertising in 2015

Dell Venue ProThe US is the second largest market globally in terms of mobile advertising spending behind Japan. Until the end of this year the US mobile advertising market size is expected to be worth $797 million and will move closer to Japan (more than $1 billion in 2010) next year with a forecast of $1.24 billion for 2011 and $5.04 billion for 2015.

With the rise of more mobile hardware such as tablets and smartphones, more and more people are using mobile devices to get online. The mobile ad market is ripe for a period of explosive growth over the next few years.

Research results have been released by Smaato, a mobile advertising company. Last week Smaato also unveiled research data to the top 5 European countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain) that will join the ‘billionaires club’ in 2015.

The US has over 300 million active mobile subscriptions, of which, nearly one-third use their mobile phone to browse the web. Because of the high number of mobile users, the average mobile advertising campaign spend is between $75,000 – 100,000, which is much higher than in other countries.

“Mobile is a conversation that all DDB clients want to have now. And we are happy to share our experience that when mobile is used effectively it makes all media work harder. We believe that mobile can be an integral component of a larger campaign as long as it works to connect people with people, not just people with brands”, said Jeff Swystun, CCO, DDB Worldwide.