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Prepare for Puppy Bowl XII by ordering a puppy squad via Uber

uber puppy on demand puppies
On-demand transportation, on-demand food — Uber is continuously looking to expand its Uberification of .. well, everything. But the ride-sharing company’s one-day offering may be its best.

Puppies. That’s right — for one day only, you can Uber a car full of adorable puppies to your location for $30, and spend a 15-minute cuddle session that will most definitely make your day.

While it’s a marketing stunt for the upcoming Super Bowl 50 (and Puppy Bowl XII), it’s all for a good cause  — or so Uber says. In its blog post announcement, the San Francisco-based company says Uber and its partner for “Puppy on Demand,” Animal Planet, “will turn around and support the participating shelters and rescues.”

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to indulge in a spur of the moment puppy playtime session, as it’s only available in Chicago, Washington, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco. Even if you’re in those cities, you may have a tough time accessing the service, as it’s only offered in a short window of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3.

The partnership isn’t new, as the company offered the on-demand puppy service last year around this time as well, albeit in more cities and for a slightly longer time frame.

If you’re thinking about trying it out, all you have to do after downloading the Uber app, is open it during the allotted time frame and request the “Puppies” option in the app. If you’re in D.C. or New York, you’ll have to enter “PuppyNYC” or “PuppiesDC” to unlock the option. After that you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by a puppy squad and their coaches. Of course, as it’s such a small time frame, you may not even be able to get the service as demand may be high.

The $30 feature will get you 15 minutes with the puppies, and if you get attached to a specific fluff ball, you can “ask the representative assisting with your puppy delivery about adoption.”

Uber recommends having an enclosed space you can spend time with the puppies in, and if you’re requesting a 15-minute puppy break at work, make sure that no one in the area is allergic and is okay with an onslaught of fluffy puppies.

The partnered shelters vary by city, and you can find the list on Uber’s website, here.

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