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Verizon to make Android 4G announcement at CES

Quieting rumors that Verizon Wireless will announce a 4G iPhone at CES, yesterday the electronics maker tweeted that it will be making an announcement at CES involving Android and LTE, the technology Verizon has chosen to create its next-generation, high-speed 4G network.

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So what Android device will it show off on January 6, 2011, the date of its press conference? Well, probably Motorola’s new tablet, for one. Moto recently released a teaser video with CES right in the title. Due to the success of the Droid partnership Motorola and Verizon embarked on a year ago, it’s likely a Moto tablet would be one of Verizon’s flagship products. The big question is whether a VZW iPhone 4 will be announced at the show. It’s certainly not Android. Then again, perhaps the LG Optimus 2X or Droid Incredible HD will be LTE.

What phones/tablets would you like Verizon to unveil with 4G capabilities?

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