Vodafone UK snatches exclusive rights to sell the Copper Gold Galaxy S5

UK network Vodafone has snagged exclusive rights to carry the new Galaxy S5 in gold, shutting out other networks and retailers from stocking the device. Samsung will produce the flagship phone in four colors, initially at least, but the “copper gold” hue is a brand new addition to the range. It’ll be joined by more familiar black, white and and “electric blue” options.

Samsung made a big deal over the Galaxy S5’s supposedly “glam” style during the launch event in February, and the bright gold model certainly fits in with this new direction. Over the past months, Samsung has embraced the obsession with gold smartphones. Starting out with an unattractive Galaxy S4, the company has gradually improved the look of its golden hardware, culminating in the announcement of the surprisingly classy Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 in January. The copper gold Galaxy S5 is less subtle than the gold Note 3. The entire perforated rear panel is gold, but the edge is the same silver color seen on all the S5 variations.

The gold Note 3 is only available on a single network, in this case Verizon, and Samsung has now proven it’s not afraid to strike exclusive deals with the Galaxy S5 too. We may see something similar happen upon the S5’s release in America. A quick check of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile’s registration webpages doesn’t give anything away, with only the black and white models pictured.

Vodafone’s extensive blog post on the gold Galaxy S5 also states the network will begin taking pre-orders for the phone on March 28, ready for its eventual release on April 11. In the meantime, you can read our hands-on impressions of the Galaxy S5 here.