We finally know when Apple will show off its latest software innovations at WWDC

Apple’s fall event may get more press thanks to the launch of the latest and greatest iPhone model, but some fans of the brand get much more excited about the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference, also known as WWDC. Why? Well, it’s often where Apple launches new Mac models and debuts new iPads, as well as where we learn about what Apple has been working on when it comes to software.

We now finally know exactly when Apple’s 2018 WWDC event will take place. According to Apple, WWDC 2018 will be held from June 4-8 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

“The McEnery Convention Center will be home to the world’s most creative developer community, who come together every year to share unique perspectives and learn about the future of Apple’s breakthrough products and services,” said Apple in a press release.

There are a few things we expect to see at WWDC. For starters, a big focus will likely be on the future of iOS. According to some rumors, Apple will be placing a heavy emphasis on reliability in iOS 12, rather than going for a big redesign. Of course, we’ll still get some sweet new features, and it appears those new features might show up on the iPad. In particular, we may see tabs for apps on the iPad, and Animoji support, which will coincide with the launch of an iPad with Face ID. We’ll also see Apple’s latest Mac operating system, as well as any new features in WatchOS, the Apple Watch operating system, and tvOS, the operating system that runs on the Apple TV.

Just because WWDC is software-focused, that doesn’t mean we won’t see any hardware. Apple has been working on a new Mac Pro model, which will be a total redesign of the so-called “trash can” Mac Pro. Apple says it will be “modular.” What that means obviously remains to be seen — many are skeptical that the Mac Pro will be truly upgradeable the same way that a PC can be.

Developers can register to go to the event, but Apple runs a sort of lottery system to decide who will be able to go. After you register, names will be picked randomly, and if your name is chosen, you’ll then have to pay the $1,599 fee to go to the event. Registration is open until March 22.