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Xiaomi won’t announce the Mi 6 — or any products — at Mobile World Congress

Xiaomi Redmi Pro
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
If Mobile World Congress seems a little light this year, there’s a good reason why — Samsung has said it will not be announcing the Galaxy S8 at the annual trade show, and now Xiaomi has revealed it will have zero announcements.

Last year, Xiaomi announced its flagship smartphone, the Mi 5, at MWC in Barcelona. While the Mi 6 was rumored to make a splash this year, it seems like Xiaomi fans will have to wait a little longer. According to TechCrunch, a Xiaomi spokesperson said the company is skipping the show.

Most smartphone manufacturers debut their flagship devices for the year at MWC. Despite the no-show by Xiaomi, there’s still quite a number of devices to look forward to — such as LG’s G6, Sony’s upcoming Xperia lineup, and BlackBerry’s keyboard-laden flagship.

Xiaomi is still relatively new to the show, and a key reason for its absence could be due to slow growth in smartphone sales. The company recently said it will not reveal how many smartphones it sold in 2016, which marks the first time it has not done so. In an open letter to staff, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said the company grew “too fast.”

The Chinese company attended CES 2017, where it announced a white variant of the Mi Mix, as well as a 4K TV.

Hugo Barra, a former Googler that helped put Xiaomi on the world stage as vice president of international, recently left the company citing health issues and homesickness. Barra just announced that he has been hired by Facebook to head its virtual reality efforts. Xiaomi’s loss of Barra could also have affected its decision to attend MWC.

Either way, don’t expect a new Xiaomi phone any time soon.

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ZTE will skip Mobile World Congress press conference due to coronavirus outbreak
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ZTE has decided to skip its Mobile World Congress press conference this year due to the coronavirus outbreak in its home country of China. To be clear, ZTE saysthe cancellation was triggered by the secondary effects of the outbreak -- not because of employees having contracted it themselves.

For example, the virus has made it harder to get visas and make travel arrangements. ZTE also says that it tends "to be an overly courteous company, and simply doesn’t want to make people uncomfortable,” according to a ZTE spokesperson in an interview with The Verge. It's currently unclear if it's only the ZTE press conference that's canceled, or ZTE's presence at the show in general.

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Xiaomi concerned 4G phones won’t sell in 2020, commits to 10 5G phone launches
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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has said there is concern in the mobile industry that 4G phones won’t be so popular in 2020, which with the success of its first 5G device in China, has prompted the company to commit to producing at least 10 5G phones in 2020. Speaking at a conference in China, Jun is quoted as saying:

“People in the industry fear that next year 4G models won’t sell,” before urging network operators to build their 5G networks faster. To avoid the chicken-or-the-egg scenario, he has stated Xiaomi will produce at least 10 new 5G connected smartphones over the coming year.

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Xiaomi confuses everyone with new Mi 9T Pro that isn’t really new at all
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The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is new in name only. The newly announced smartphone from Chinese brand Xiaomi is a renamed version of the Redmi K20 Pro, which was initially launched at the end of May. It follows the Xiaomi Mi 9T, which was itself a renamed version of the Redmi K20, also revealed alongside the K20 Pro in May. The Redmi-branded phones are already available in China, while the Mi 9T models are destined for Europe and other countries.

While the rebranding makes sense — the Redmi name is not well known outside China — it’s unfortunate Xiaomi decided to stagger the release. Giving people the choice of both phones at the same time would have been fairer. Xiaomi’s annoying practices aside, and based on how good the Mi 9T was during our time with it, the higher-specification Mi 9T Pro will be even more desirable.

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