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Be ready to roll on Black Friday with Yahoo Mail’s handy coupon list

Yahoo Mail
Yahoo is adding a few new features to Yahoo Mail that should help make two areas of life — traveling and Black Friday shopping — a little easier. The new features are called Coupons, Smart Travel View, and Flight Change Alerts, and they all appear to be pretty darn helpful.

Let’s start with Coupons, which is launching just in time for Black Friday shopping. The feature is basically aimed at being the digital version of “coupon clipping.” Instead of actually cutting out coupons from flyers you get in the actual mail, Yahoo will automatically gather all the Black Friday deals you get in your inbox into one list that you can scroll through. From that list, you can filter even further by “clipping” coupons that look particularly interesting, and even set alerts for when those coupons expire. To be clear, the feature will be available after Black Friday — so it will also help when Christmas rolls around.

Of course, the feature is only available in Yahoo Mail, but if you use Yahoo as your main inbox and have connected other accounts, like Gmail, you can clip coupons from those accounts, too. The feature is available on the web and within the mobile app.

Yahoo is also launching a few new features that should make things easier for travelers. Yahoo Mail will now pull relevant information from your flights and display it all in the “Travel Smart View.” You’ll get all the pertinent information, including airport, time, gate, and so on. You’ll also get check-in alerts, and 24 hours before the flight, you’ll receive a notification that will bring you directly to the airline’s check-in website. On the day of your flight, Yahoo will track things like gate changes, delays, and so on — and will update you with that information as it becomes available

The new features seem like very nice additions, but what’s extra helpful is that they’re not limited to either the app or the website — they’re available on both. That means users can expect largely the same experience across both platforms, which is something that not all mail providers can boast.

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