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ZTE’s new foldable smartphone starts a revolution by offering users two screens

We’ve seen a lot of really cool new trends in the mobile industry recently, including a move away from bezels, as well as a greater widespread interest in augmented reality (AR) and 3D-sensing cameras. But perhaps the most daring new product at CES 2018 was ZTE’s Axon M smartphone.

Released late last year in an exclusive deal with AT&T, the Axon M is revolutionizing the smartphone market by giving consumers not one, but two screens on their phone. The screens can be used in a variety of ways, including a tent mode that allows viewers to watch the same content on different facing screens.

Other iterations include a tablet mode, which utilizes the two screens to display one app, or a mode that allows you to have two applications open at once. You can also set the phone on end to record videos without the need for a tripod.

ZTE’s foldable smartphone is the perfect device for multitaskers, or people who just like the idea of having a bigger portable screen. But Jeff Yee, vice president of product marketing and strategy at ZTE, says there are no plans to get rid of their existing phones. ZTE will be working on a new line of foldable Axon phones in conjunction with its more “traditional” models. ZTE hopes to be able to improve on the foldable phone model in the future.

“The intention is to eventually get to a larger synced screen — one screen — when a consumer wants it,” Yee said. “At the moment, it’s a two-screen display, which is what we have available in terms of screen technology. In the future, we see one screen that can bend.”

The Axon M is made with Gorilla Glass, and ZTE has created a specialized case to help protect both of its screens. It only has one camera, but you can easily flip the phone to switch between portrait and selfie mode.

Yee also talked about other trends in mobile, including faster speeds, lower latency, and more information-storing capabilities of the cloud.

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