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Check out Son of a Gun, Kink, Noah, and more of our 5 shows to watch

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For cord cutters, the anticipation of watching an event live gets transferred over to the weekly dumps of content on the various video streaming platforms. What’s dropping when becomes important knowledge to have, as you organize your queue. If you don’t have time to comb through all the content coming down the series of tubes that make up the Internet, don’t worry — we do. Here are our picks for what you should watch this week.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night



A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, because nothing like it has ever been made. While the American entertainment industry has produced its fill of vampire-themed media, sometimes it takes an outside viewpoint to inject a little freshness into a stale genre. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night provides exactly that, offering up an entirely unique spin on the tired vampire genre.

Dubbed the first Iranian vampire western, the film takes place in a ghost town in Iran full of citizens who are unknowingly stalked by a lonely vampire. The film is packed full of reference points from familiar mediums, from graphic novels to spaghetti westerns, and the end result of the massive mash up is a pulpy blast of a film. It’s a moody film packed full of more atmospheric experiences than narrative, and it’s one that you won’t want to miss.

Son of a Gun

Amazon Prime


Son of a Gun might not be the most original film of 2014, but it holds its own in style and smarts. The crime thriller follows a young man as he’s imprisoned for a minor crime. In prison, he finds himself a friend in Brendan Lynch (played by Ewan McGregor), Australia’s public enemy number one. The two break out of jail and take to life on the lamb, learning to help and live with one another as they build a bond and live a life of crime.




With the 50 Shades of Gray film on its way, there’s no better time to take a step back and try to appreciate just what it was about the books that spawned the movie that resonated so much with its readers. Kink — produced by James Franco — provides an opportunity to do just that. The documentary delves into the world of kinks and fetishes, examining what gets people going, and what the lifestyle is for those with peculiar kicks by taking a look at


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If you consider the Bible a book of epic stories, than Noah is probably how you imagine the tales from the book should be presented. In a blockbuster reimagining of the story of Noah and the flood, the film follows Russell Crowe as Noah as he goes through the process of building an arc designed to house two of every animal the world has to offer. The boat, made to withstand a planet-wide flood, has to keep the animals and Noah’s family safe so that they may help restart existence anew.

The Babadook



Horror films are a dime a dozen today, with cheap scare flick popping up in theaters all the time. None of them will give you a genuinely good scare quite like The Babadook, though. The 2014 film that found limited release is one that you won’t want to watch alone or with the lights out — unless you’re looking to be terrified. The story of a troubled child and a single mother, the film imagines if a terrorizing creature from a picture book came to life to traumatize a family.

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