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Our hero is back to battling ghouls in gory new ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ season 2 trailer

Blood, gore, and the occasional dirty joke sum up the trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead season 2. The new preview, released by Starz on Tuesday, was barred from premiering at Comic-Con because of its violent content. It is here now, though, picking up the adventures of Ash Williams (played by Bruce Campbell), a man with a penchant for fighting evil spirits.

The trailer kicks off in Jacksonville, Florida, where Ash is enjoying retired life after accepting a peace agreement in the season 1 finale. There are kegs and co-eds galore, but his carefree lifestyle quickly takes a literal dark turn. Annoyed and ready to end things once and for all, he decides to return to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan, to take on the evil spirits.

Joined by his usual sidekicks, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago), Ash arrives in Michigan to confront Ruby (Lucy Lawless), who possesses the Book of the Dead. There, the gloves are off — or rather, the weapons are out.

“We gave peace a chance; now it’s time for war,” Ash announces.

The trailer becomes pretty brutal, especially as it nears the 2-minute mark. Limbs go flying, Ash uses his chainsaw for a beheading, and blood covers pretty much everyone and everything. Fans will likely agree with Kelly’s assessment of the situation, though: “That is horrible … and also awesome.”

A continuation of the Evil Dead films, set 30 years later, the series comes from creator Sam Raimi, who serves as executive producer. Campbell, Craig DiGregorio, and Robert Tapert also executive produce. The upcoming season will consist of 10 episodes and bring in new characters: Ted Raimi will play Ash’s childhood friend Chet, and Lee Majors joins as Ash’s father.

Ash vs Evil Dead premieres on Starz in October.

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